Unbrick FT232 counterfeit chip

Like many people, i buy, time to time, some chips or shield from Chinese (dx, aliexpress, ebay) vendors, unfortunately my FTDI FT232 breakout was a fake chip, here he is a interesting thread about that.

Fake_FTDI232_breakoutJordi Binefa , (thank, you made my day), describe a quickly and easy method to recover a bricked chip, you need have Linux, you can use a live cd/usb instead installed version if you prefer. Continue reading

Wireless RF probe for Arduihome

Update 27/01, I ‘ll finally use ESP8266 chip, for the same cost, Wifi connections on the probes will be more flexible, eliminate any constraints, quantity of probes, signal multiplexing, and data exploitation …

Under development, some wireless probe in the goal to send data’s, temperature and humidity level directly to arduino, with displaying on a 2×8 LCD in live, using NRF24L01+ RF chip and DS18B20, DHT22 probe. The board is compatible with both. Continue reading

How to use Tenvis MINI319w IP Camera with Synology surveillance station

I have recently got a IP camera called “MINI319w”, costs around 35~40€, it’s a network camera with 21-LED IR night vision, plus Ethernet/Wifi support:

Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 40912
Pixel 300KP
Lens 4.0mm
View Angle Horizontal: 57 degrees / Vertical: 49.5 degrees
Picture Resolution 640×480 (VGA) 320×240 (QVGA)
Video Compression format MJPEG
Frame rate 25fps
Input/Output Built-in Microphone & Speaker
Audio Compression format ADPCM
Minimum illumination 0.1Lux
Night vision Infrared IR LED
IR-LED Quantity 21
Night vision distance 12 meters
Motor N/A
Rotation angle N/A
Wireless / WiFi 802.11 b/g
Online Visitor 10 viewers @320×240 4 viewers @640×480

IPCameraMore infos:  http://apps.tenvis.com/index.php?category_id=17 Continue reading

EFN PG03 MiniGPS Hack’s

I have just retrieved a small gps buy from ebay, called Mini GPS (enf pg03), cost around 20€ …pl410961-mini_navigator_dt_efnpg03_displaying_accurate_time_synchronized_by_satelliteIt is a small size and portable GPS receiver with data collecting and calcualating functions. It also provides indication of geograpic coordinates, directions, world time, distance, milage, and velocity information. Its high-sensitive direction indication guide user to go back original departure position or go to the presetted target position. The unit shows clear travelling date in detail, such as, the direction of the target position, distance, satellite time, and velocity information in usage.

This small unit do not provide to record tracking informations … so we start to disassemble it, in the goal to catch NMEA sentence, he work with a Venus638FLP chip. Continue reading