Tracker for thing, APRS tracker with DRA818V

Small prototype of combination between trackuino and DRA818V,


“Trackuino is intended for use by licensed radio amateurs. By operating on the standard APRS frequency, the signal can be picked up by an Internet gateway and reported on, so anyone with an Internet connection can track the tracker”

The idea of this project was to build a trackuino board with small gps module, low power arduino pro mini (3.3v @8mhz), a VHF transceiver DRA818V, and power management integrated. vue-dessus-dra818v_2with_antenna Continue reading

Postbox detector with SigFox Akeru board

The idea of this project is to easy detect if the postman has put some letter’s in the box … or not. Problem, i live in a apartment, 3th floor, no communication link can be established between my apartment and the mailbox, Wifi networks are not available, ISM 433mhz, 2.4ghz link don’t work, GSM consumption is to high … but SigFox Akeru board work like a charm, amazing for only 25mw of output power with a lot of concrete and metal around…

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Dedicated POCSAG Scanner

I was wondering if the DRA818U will be a good candidate to build a POCSAG dedicated receiver, sadly he doesn’t provide direct output for “raw” signal from the IC, RDA1846 so the signal seem to be distorted through a AOP, i didn’t find any schematic about the internal architecture of DRA818, except a picture.

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Getting started with the Sigfox API & php/json

This is, two files written to get data from SigFox backend, one to get message list, and other one to get the device type, it’s can be a good start for your application if you are not familiar with php and json, just edit the file, put your informations, and upload to your server. Data from backend are collected through curl and GET method, stored in a json file (be careful with security permissions) and decoded with json_decode function.

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