Revive an old garden lamp with a solar panel

lampeThis is an easy way to power an highly brightness LED for 10 hours, some parts are recycled or was buy from ebay for 1$ or less …

– Solar panel 5v – 0.5A (ebay)
– 5V Mini USB 1A TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging Board (ebay)
– LM2596 DCDC Converter (ebay or
– A Li-On 3.7V batteries (recycled from old phone)
– A photo-resistor, 10k pot meter, 1K resistor pull down, highly brightness 10mm LED (white warm), cables, and small box…
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BaoFeng UV-3R charger repair

My Baofeng charger has just burned …burned_ciI didn’t want to buy a new one, it cost around 10$ … the batteries Baofeng is a Lion 3.7v 1500mAh, the good way is to replace the charger circuit with a another from Linear Technology, LTC4054-4.2, a resistor to set the charge current, one input capacitor, and a LED to look when the charge is over. Also, you can get the LTC4054 for free sample. Continue reading

ArduiHome redesigned with EasyIoT libraries

Since I have discovered EasyIoT lib, i consider to redesign completely ArduiHome project. EasyIoT librarie support ESP8266 wifi , and NRF24L01+ shield, the wireless probe pcb will be use, with minor modifications.

I plan to use:

Temp/Humid sensor DHT22 for two bedrooms, and only Temp sensor for kitchen, bathroom, living-room, and maybe one sensor, Temp/Barometric Pressure for outside.

Also, somes security sensor’s like Carbon monoxide MQ7, and Gas Town MQ5/MQ6 will be add with use of SMS API from my mobile phone provider.

The server will run with EasyIoT server with a RaspberryPi2-1Gb, and a 4×20 LCD screen to display informations from sensor.


TinyGPS lib and 4×20 LCD i2c Screen

IMG_8491There is a sketch to display GPS informations from TinyGPS librarie for Arduino, the LCD is a 4×20 characters, wired through a I2C connection.

Before, you need to download and install:

Arduino Liquid Crystal I2C (mine use 0x27 I2C adress, in case you don’t know, use a i2c scanner)

(picture on top show the test with a Arduino Pro Mini, LCD 4×20 and EM-406 GPS head, the Lat/Long display is fake for the pictures only)