Teensy GPS Logger redesigned in smaller version

The last and final design, the Teensy and GPS is directly powered from 3.7v li-on batt, 39g heights with IP4 box.

Original project: http://www.weirdlab.fr/?p=39
Arduino code and pcb layout (ARES) available.
Load the sketch with CPU Speed 8Mhz under Arduino IDE, (i use v1.6.3 without any problems).

Autonomy test:
With a full batt charge, GPS locked, 5hz rate logging, 20 hours continues logging.

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Geiger counter with SBM20 tube

I “rebuild” my Geiger counter, the SBM-20 tube was initially inside the box, so, i have put this one inside a 32mm diam plastic tube, for more convenience, wired through a XLR3 cable.

The LCD display alternatively, the “count per minutes” and result on: milli Sievert/year or nano Sievert/hour, you can switch off/on the buzzer, also 3 modes on measure are available, 15/30/120 secs.

This counter is from “Electronique-Pratique” n°368, a French electronic magazine. Shem, pcb, and PIC hex & C source code available. (Microchip compiler C18 v2.40/MPLAB 8.4)


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Digital RF Milliwattmeter DC to 500 Mhz – 1W

I have just finished my OZ2CPu wattmeter,

The uncalibrated signal response is: +1/-1 dB from 1MHz to 450MHz. Input SWR will varry from 1.00 to 1.30, depending on input frequency. To make the SWR good, you need to assemble the input circuit correct and adjust the capacitor.
Input power range: -60 to +30dBm that is 1 nW to 1 Watt.
This instrument can be used and calibrated from 1 kHz and up to 500 MHz. It is possible to measure power relative all the way up to 900Mhz. A software routine can calibrate the 0dBm point at 5 different frequencies to make this instrument accurate within 0.5dBm !! The calibration data is stored in EEPROM so the instrument will remember all, also without power.
At frequencies above 300Mhz this instrument should not exceed inputs over +20dBm (100mW) to keep the good accuacy.



Revive an old garden lamp with a solar panel

lampeThis is an easy way to power an highly brightness LED for 10 hours, some parts are recycled or was buy from ebay for 1$ or less …

– Solar panel 5v – 0.5A (ebay)
– 5V Mini USB 1A TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging Board (ebay)
– LM2596 DCDC Converter (ebay or dx.com)
– A Li-On 3.7V batteries (recycled from old phone)
– A photo-resistor, 10k pot meter, 1K resistor pull down, highly brightness 10mm LED (white warm), cables, and small box…
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Breadboarding and flashing firmware of ESP8266 ESP-03 SMD

A lot of informations are available about ESP hardware over Internet … sometimes confusing, here is my experience’s about ESP8266 soldering and flashing, especially ESP-03 SMD version, first i use SMD adapters, Futurlec, 14 Pin SSOP Adapter has a perfect match, and are very cheap, the pin of SMD version didn’t match with standard pin header 2.54mm

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