BaoFeng UV-3R charger repair

My Baofeng charger has just burned …burned_ciI didn’t want to buy a new one, it cost around 10$ … the batteries Baofeng is a Lion 3.7v 1500mAh, the good way is to replace the charger circuit with a another from Linear Technology, LTC4054-4.2, a resistor to set the charge current, one input capacitor, and a LED to look when the charge is over. Also, you can get the LTC4054 for free sample. Continue reading

ArduiHome redesigned with EasyIoT libraries

Since I have discovered EasyIoT lib, i consider to redesign completely ArduiHome project. EasyIoT librarie support ESP8266 wifi , and NRF24L01+ shield, the wireless probe pcb will be use, with minor modifications.

I plan to use:

Temp/Humid sensor DHT22 for two bedrooms, and only Temp sensor for kitchen, bathroom, living-room, and maybe one sensor, Temp/Barometric Pressure for outside.

Also, somes security sensor’s like Carbon monoxide MQ7, and Gas Town MQ5/MQ6 will be add with use of SMS API from my mobile phone provider.

The server will run with EasyIoT server with a RaspberryPi2-1Gb, and a 4×20 LCD screen to display informations from sensor.


TinyGPS lib and 4×20 LCD i2c Screen

IMG_8491There is a sketch to display GPS informations from TinyGPS librarie for Arduino, the LCD is a 4×20 characters, wired through a I2C connection.

Before, you need to download and install:

Arduino Liquid Crystal I2C (mine use 0x27 I2C adress, in case you don’t know, use a i2c scanner)

(picture on top show the test with a Arduino Pro Mini, LCD 4×20 and EM-406 GPS head, the Lat/Long display is fake for the pictures only)

PG03 MiniGPS and tracking recorder

First version : 24.04.2014

I have just retrieved a small gps buy from ebay, called Mini GPS (enf pg03), cost around 20€ …pl410961-mini_navigator_dt_efnpg03_displaying_accurate_time_synchronized_by_satelliteIt is a small size and portable GPS receiver with data collecting and calculating functions. It also provides indication of geograpic coordinates, directions, world time, distance, milage, and velocity information. Its high-sensitive direction indication guide user to go back original departure position or go to the presetted target position. The unit shows clear travelling date in detail, such as, the direction of the target position, distance, satellite time, and velocity information in usage.

This small unit do not provide to record tracking informations … so, start to disassemble it, in the goal to record NMEA sentence. Continue reading